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Holding jar of cannabis and boveda
Place Boveda Into Your Favorite Airtight Container and Close

Our patented 2-way humidity control comes in a variety of sizes to fit any storage or packaging size.

Jar of cannabis with boveda inside
The Original Terpene Shield™ Is Created To Protect Your Terpenes

Boveda humidity control creates a monolayer of purified water to protect your flower inside your airtight container, keeping the terps you value safe until they’re ready for use.

Cannabis in hand
Take Pride In A Truly Fresh Flower

When you are ready to use, open the container and grind your flower. The terpenes will be released into a vibrant aroma and full flavor for you to enjoy while you’re smoking.


Holding cannabis and boveda
A simple touch test will tell you when it’s time to replace

When you check your cannabis, check your Boveda. Brand new Boveda is soft. When you start to feel hard spots, it’s time to replace your packs. DON’T WAIT until Boveda turns into a solid wafer, that means it’s completely dry.

boveda and cannabis in jar lid
The more you use, the longer Boveda lasts

It’s perfectly ok to use more than the recommended number of humidity control packs for the amount of cannabis you’re storing. Dry climates, season changes and very leaky storage containers might require you to routinely use more Boveda.

Cannabis in jar
More exposure to air means it has to work harder

If your Boveda lasts 2 months or less, it’s working extra hard to keep the environment stable. Make sure the lids are securely closed on your totes, jars and containers. If storing flower in a bag, keep it tightly sealed.


All cannabis FAQs
Which RH level is right for cannabis/hemp?
Cannabis should be kept in the ideal range of .55-.65 relative humidity based on ASTM standards. Boveda helps you achieve precise humidity with a 58% RH option and a 62% RH option depending on your personal preference. You can’t go wrong with either RH. Test for yourself.    
Which size Boveda is right for your quantity/jar size?
Boveda comes in five different sizes to protect cannabis from terpene evaporation. Whether you’re saving terps in daily pre-rolls, inventory or wholesale packaging, there’s a Boveda to fit your flower. Here’s a handy chart that shows what size Boveda is right for your cannabis/hemp containers: Size 1 Protects up to 1/8 oz (3.5g). Size 4 Protects 1/2 oz (14g). Size 8 Protects 1 oz (28g). Size 67 Protects  1 lb (450g). Size 320 Protects  5 lbs. (2.5gk). You can never use too much Boveda in with your flower. So if you have an eighth and only have Boveda Size 8 on hand, by all means, use that pack! Using more Boveda means you get more efficient and longer lasting moisture protection. Be an overachiever—Save the Terps!
How fast does Boveda work?
Boveda begins to work immediately. Once placed in an airtight container, Boveda can bring the internal relative humidity (RH) to precisely the level marked on the Boveda within 20 minutes. Watch this video and see how fast Boveda works when protecting your cannabis and hemp.
Can Boveda touch my cannabis/hemp?
Sure, Boveda can 100% come in contact with cannabis and hemp. Boveda is FDA compliant and food safe. So feel free to slip in Boveda among your buds in your bins. Or place us on top of or at bottom of your cannabis in a jar. If you like to keep a tidy stash, check out a CVault® stainless steel cannabis container. (It’s preloaded with Boveda, the original terpene shield™.) The lid sports an integrated Boveda holder, so you can slip your pack right in. Then latch the lid closed to create an airtight seal. You now have total humidity control while Boveda is suspended high above your medicine, preserving your terps.
Does Boveda steal terps?
No, Boveda does not steal terpenes. It’s the only humidity control that protects terps. While other 2-way humidity control might put humidity in the container, only Boveda 2-way humidity control creates a monolayer of purified water vapor over the trichome to protect cannabis terpenes from evaporation. Boveda is the original terpene shield™. Boveda’s all natural salt solutions help protect your terpenes at precise humidity levels to ensure ideal weight without worry of over drying or mold.
Cannabis Terpene Shield
When I opened the jar with Boveda, my cannabis didn’t really smell—what happened to the smell?
When your cannabis is stored with Boveda, the terpenes are protected with a monolayer shield of purified water, the aroma you love is kept safe until grinding. Once the cannabis is ground, it releases the aroma with great potency. Or in more detail, the aroma of your cannabis comes from the terpenes, or essential oils of your flower. So when you get a nice “nose hit” from your cannabis, you are actually smelling the terpenes evaporating off of your flower. So although in the past people have judged the quality of cannabis by the smell, strong aromas emanating from your cannabis is actually a sign of terpene degradation. Rather than these precious terpenes evaporating into the air, Boveda shields these terpenes inside of the trichomes where they belong, until the moment of consumption.
Boveda uses salt; is that corrosive to my cannabis/hemp?
No, salt is one of the most natural ingredients used to create precise relative humidity (RH) levels. And rest assured the saltwater solution in Boveda is hard at work sealed inside the 2-way vapor phase osmosis membrane. The salt stays safely inside the Boveda leakproof membrane. So the salt in Boveda NEVER comes in contact with your cannabis. Only water vapor passes in and out of the membrane to safely and precisely shield trichomes in protective water molecules. ADDING AND ABSORBING MOISTURE is what makes Boveda 2-way humidity control. And it’s how Boveda can prevent terpene evaporation.

By the way, it’s the excess salt in the solution that allows Boveda to maintain a consistent RH level in stored cannabis. As water vapor is released from or absorbed into the membrane, the water to salt ratio changes. The salt dissolves when more water is absorbed. The salt precipitates or becomes a solid again when more water is released.

Using nature’s original preserver, salt, Boveda dials-in and maintains your container’s humidity levels to 58% or 62%, much like a thermostat.