When you order your Boveda products, set up their shipping frequency, then forget it—we’ll send repeat auto-deliveries right to you.


To set up your subscription, you’ll need to use a credit card as your payment type. (You cannot use PayPal.) You can change or cancel your subscription at any time if it’s not working for you.

Your payment information is always safe with Boveda. We use an ultra-secure payment tokenization credit card security system, so we don’t store your actual credit card number. 


  1. Shop, then select a Boveda product here.
  2. Subscribe is automatically selected for you.
  3. Under Frequency, use the dropdown arrows to choose how often you’d like to receive your Boveda product(s).
  4. Add that product to your cart, then Check Out or Continue Shopping.
    You’ll automatically receive 5% off the products in your subscription order.
    If you’re shipping your subscription order within the U.S., you’ll also enjoy free shipping.




We’ll ship your new Boveda how often you requested. Each time we process your subscription order, we’ll use the least expensive shipping method available at that time, while taking into consideration U.S. Postal Service weight guidelines.

For example, heavier packages may ship Priority Mail because of the weight limit on First Class Package Service. We cannot ship Boveda Subscription orders via Express service, even if you select Express for your initial order.


Log in to your account if you need to:

  • Change your Boveda Subscription order
  • Update your payment information if your credit card number changed or expired since you set up your Boveda Subscription
  • Please call customer service at 952-745-2900 if you need to update your subscription shipping address
  • Cancel your Boveda Subscription (But you won’t because you’re going to love the convenience of ordering once and having Boveda replacements just show up again and again.)

Please note, as of June, 1, 2022, there was a price increase on the following products:

Boveda for Cannabis/Hemp:

  • Boveda Size 8 for Cannabis, 10-Pack, 58% RH
  • Boveda Size 8 for Cannabis, 10-Pack, 62% RH

Boveda for Tobacco/Cigars:

  • Boveda Size 8 for a Travel Humidor, 10-Pack, 65% RH
  • Boveda Size 8 for a Travel Humidor, 10-Pack, 69% RH
  • Boveda Size 8 for a Travel Humidor, 10-Pack, 72% RH
  • Boveda Size 8 for a Travel Humidor, 10-Pack, 75% RH

Boveda for Wood Instruments/Music Accessories:

  • Boveda Size 8, 10-Pack, 49% RH
  • Boveda Size 8, 10-Pack, 84% RH

Boveda for Packaging/Other Uses:

  • Boveda Size 8, 10-Pack, 32% RH