The Emerald Triangle has been an epicenter of craft cannabis cultivation for generations. Boveda introduces you to four farmers fighting to keep the legacy of Humboldt alive.

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Tina Gordon’s path to the Emerald Triangle was unexpected, but finding her true calling as a farmer opened a new universe of possibility.

Tina’s holistic approach to cultivation is both innovative and inspiring.


Ted Blair’s commitment to living off the land was instilled by his parents, and he aims to leave the same mark for generations to come. His cultivars are known for their unique terpene profiles and potent effects.


Johnny Casali is a family man through and through, but a stint in federal prison for cannabis ripped him from those closest to him. Now, he honors his late mother and others with his award-winning genetics and community-focused farm.


Jason Gellman came of age during the War on Drugs, witnessing the horrors of prohibition firsthand in his youth. Now, in an era of legalization, Jason aims to keep Humboldt on the map as the community struggles to survive.


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